I offer the editorial consulting services below. Whether you’re writing a book or creating a website, I can help. I work with both individual clients and publishing companies. I can also provide additional services upon request, such as fact-checking and research assistance. Not sure what you need? Contact me for a free quote and consultation.*

Manuscript Assessment 

 I will review your draft and make preliminary suggestions about where I think it can be improved, usually focusing on the overall concept and scope. I will provide a few pages of written feedback for your perusal.


This is the perfect service for when you’ve completed your draft. I will review every page of your work to catch grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors and typos. I will also check cross-references, hyperlinks, resource listings, and other possible inconsistencies.

Developmental Editing

During a Developmental Edit, I look very closely at your manuscript, honing in on organization, structure, placement of chapters/sections, notable omissions and gaps, redundancies, and other major editorial considerations. 

Line Editing

While a copyedit focuses on mechanical errors, a line edit improves the clarity of the writing, from word choice to smooth transitions.  This service is ideal for writers whose native language is not English and is done in addition to a copyedit.


This service looks for typographical errors in a final copyedited work. I will make sure all errors have been corrected, and I will look for any issues with spacing, font size, headers, hyperlinks, and other errors.

*Rates are based on the needs and scope of the project, and will be discussed after a free consultation.